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Wanna make a monster? Take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable - your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities, and hungers - and pretend they’re across the room. It’s too ugly to be human. It’s too ugly to be you. Children are afraid of the dark because they have nothing real to work with. Adults are afraid of themselves.
Richard Siken, Black Telephone (via uglypnis)

But knowing what I don’t want to do doesn’t help me figure out what I do want to do. I could do just about anything if somebody made me. But I don’t have an image of the one thing I really want to do. That’s my problem now. I can’t find the image.
Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (via durianquotes)

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And I hate to say I want you when you make it so clear, you don’t want me.
Sam Smith- Not In That Way (via lezzcuddle)

I’d never ask you cause deep down
I’m certain I know what you’d say
You’d say I’m sorry believe me
I love you but not in that way

Sam Smith / Not in that way (via whats-bitchin)


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relatable quotes daily here!


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